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LindaCare Signs Collaboration Agreement with UZ Leuven

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LindaCare has announced that it has entered into a contractual collaboration agreement with The University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven) to enhance the quality of patient care by improving the way patients with chronic heart disease with CIEDs receive follow-up care through tele-monitoring.

The current patient follow-up process using tele-monitoring is very inefficient and human resource intensive - a potential risk factor in quality of patient care and an obstacle for extending the enrolment of tele-monitored patients. Nurses and physicians are confronted on a daily basis with the complexity of having to manage a variety of different tele-monitoring systems from several vendors in order to properly follow-up large numbers of patients.

“LindaCare’s mission is to help healthcare professionals and hospitals reduce the cost of delivery of care and improve quality of care and patient safety for chronic disease management, by simplifying patient follow-up through tele-monitoring,” said Shahram Sharif, CEO and founder of LindaCare.

LindaCare’s first version of the product is a web-based software platform for the tele-monitoring of patients with CIEDs and suffering from chronic heart failure (CHF) and cardiac arrhythmia; this accounts for an estimated total of about 10 million patients worldwide today.

UZ Leuven, with about 2.000 beds and employing 9.000 professionals, has been providing high quality and innovative medical care for more than 75 years, and is considered to be one of the largest academic and most innovative hospital groups in Europe. Moreover, the terms of the agreement extend the benefits to ‘nexuz health’, a medical collaborative alliance currently comprising 17 hospitals across the Flanders region.

The collaboration agreement provides LindaCare with deep insight into current clinical practice around patient tele-monitoring while bringing innovative solutions to the clinicians at UZ Leuven to improve quality of care. “This solution will not only enable our tele- monitoring-team to do their job more efficiently, but will also improve the quality of the care we are providing to the patients,” stated Prof. Dr. Rik Willems, cardiologist at UZ Leuven.

“This is just the first step in our vision to be the leading solution partner for all tele-monitoring needs for hospitals and care providers, across a range of devices covering multiple chronic disease domains, starting with chronic heart diseases and extending into other chronic disease areas such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),” said Shahram Sharif. “LindaCare’s tele-monitoring solution and long-term visions are in line with our hospital’s culture of innovation and hold the clear potential to bring added value to our patients and clinicians,” stated Prof. Dr. Frank Rademakers, Chief Medical Technology and Innovation Officer at UZ Leuven.