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Philips, NYMC Collaborate

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Royal Philips has announced that it is co-locating researchers from its Philips Intellispace Genomics team with New York Medical College (NYMC), one of the oldest and largest health sciences universities in the country, and a long-standing collaborator in the creation of the Philips IntelliSpace solution for oncology genomics. Located in Westchester, New York, the Philips team will be sharing space at the NYMC new biotechnology incubator, BioInc@NYMC and working on collaborative computational genomics of large data sets.

This not only supports Philips work in personalized cancer care, but it also builds on Philips Research North America’s efforts to cross-pollinate with leading academic institutions, helping to develop innovations that can address society’s most pressing healthcare challenges and deliver on the company’s vision of improving the lives of three billion people by 2025. Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics is a configurable, scalable and secure healthcare informatics solution across hospitals for delivering real-time, actionable diagnostic information to physicians and specialists for therapy planning at the point of care.

Philips IntelliSpace Genomics’ collaborative solution enables physicians to answer key clinical questions by leveraging the best clinical expertise and algorithmic power in integrated workflows. It seamlessly brings data from multiple sources, including raw sequencing data, up-to-date in silico genomic databases, clinical data and knowledge databases, longitudinal patient records, medical images and pathology data, among others.

“Bringing on Phillips Healthcare Research as the anchor tenant at BioInc@NYMC is a true game changer – for the college, Westchester County and beyond. The positioning of nine innovative companies alongside such a notable name in healthcare research will add to the already impressive track record of our start-ups and the medical solutions they develop,” said Randi D. Schwartz, M.B.A., Director of BioInc@NYMC and Associate Dean for academic administration.

"BioInc@NYMC is a thriving member of both the Westchester and the greater New York innovation ecosystem. We are excited to announce Phillips Healthcare Research as our biotech/high-tech incubator's new anchor tenant. The computational genomics collaboration between NYMC and Philips promises both research and economic benefits. Philips Healthcare Research and BioInc@NYMC's other clients are working every day to develop novel technologies and healthcare solutions," said D. Douglas Miller, M.D., C.M., M.B.A., Dean of the School of Medicine at New York Medical College, Vice-Provost for Biomedical Affairs and Chief Scientific Officer of BioInc@NYMC.

Working from space on the NYMC campus allows Philips to collaborate more closely with its innovation partners at the College and their affiliated teaching hospital, Westchester Medical Center, a member of Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth). WMCHealth has also launched a new precision medicine initiative for personalized cancer treatment, which will leverage Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics solution as one of the first partners to integrate large-scale genomic analysis with extensive patient clinical data.

“In order to create technologies that can have a meaningful impact on human health and enable us to focus on building a healthy society, we need to work closely with leading healthcare institutions to co-create outcome-based solutions,” said Hans-Aloys Wischmann, Head of Philips Research Americas. “No single company will be able to create the solutions needed, it will take collaborative efforts, and we believe that working with academic institutions like New York Medical College will provide tremendous opportunities to shape a totally new approach to the delivery of healthcare.”

Source: Story from New York Medical College. Please note: The content above may have been edited to ensure it is in keeping with Technology Networks' style and length guidelines.