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Reducing the Data Footprint of Massive, Global Genomics Data

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Geneformics Data Systems and WuXi NextCODE, the global contract genomics organization enabling precision medicine around the world, today announced a collaborative effort to integrate Geneformics technology into WuXi NexCODE’s workflows. 


Geneformics leverages proprietary, optimized compression technologies to streamline the storage and sharing of genomics data in the cloud and on-premise. WuXi NextCODE’s database and analytics underpin the world’s leading population-scale precision medicine projects as well as pioneering diagnostics and wellness solutions on four continents. Together the companies intend to improve the efficiency of storing and transferring large-scale genomic data globally and increase the potential benefit of these datasets to patients. 


The sequencing of a single whole genome generates more than 100 GB of raw data, making the storage, transfer and archiving of genomic data a huge challenge for the industry. Geneformics’ lossless compression has been demonstrated to reduce raw file size by up to 90 percent; combined with its storage and archiving technology, large genomic datasets can be compiled and queried on-site, remotely, or transferred online - with very significant efficiencies. Integrating Geneformics into the WuXi NextCODE platform thereby makes bigger datasets more accessible for precision medicine research, diagnosis and treatment. 


“The combination of Geneformics’ technology and WuXi NextCODE’s workflows will enable a large range of customers to benefit from high-speed data transfer, efficient storage and archiving of genome sequence data,” said Rafael  Feitelberg, Geneformics CEO. “As the platform for leading precision medicine efforts in the UK, Ireland, Qatar, Singapore, China and the US, WuXi NextCODE is an ideal technology partner. Together we will enable partners and customers to accelerate the discovery of data insights and reduce infrastructure costs.”


“Organizing, mining and sharing genomic big data is at the heart of our CGO model, and we expect Geneformics will help us to significantly reduce our data footprint to the benefit of our customers and to patients globally,” said Hannes Smarason, COO of WuXi NextCODE. “Geneformics does this through fast, lossless data compression and decompression, so customers can seamlessly access all their data, wherever it is sequenced or stored. Used in tandem with our sequencing, database and analytics, that gives CGO customers unrivalled power to solve rare disease cases, drive breakthrough discoveries, deliver carrier screening, tailor cancer treatment and support wellness.”