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Rural Sourcing Unveils New LIMS Accelerator™ Tool

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Rural Sourcing Inc. has unveiled a powerful new tool that automates LIMS configuration to help pharmaceutical labs run more accurately and efficiently. Announced during Pittcon, the world’s largest conference and exposition on laboratory science, the LIMS Accelerator eliminates manual data entry and time spent on non-value added tasks, allowing labs to focus on research and product development.

LIMS Accelerator is platform agnostic and is designed to sit on top of existing LIMS to automate configuration and help labs manage complex testing and workflows, track and analyze samples from reception to reporting and facilitate automated processes faster and with more accuracy. With the LIMS Accelerator, companies have reduced the time spent on managing samples and their data by up to 80 percent.

“We’re excited to introduce LIMS Accelerator, a dynamic new tool that automates and synchronizes processes from lab to lab for more consistent, predictable data that ultimately results in significant cost savings and efficiency gains,” said Monty Hamilton, CEO of Rural Sourcing Inc.

Other LIMS Accelerator benefits include:
Improved accuracy through automated processing and calculations
Reduced costs associated with managing standards and reagents
Streamlined processes and decision-making
Improved trending and analytical reporting capabilities
Reduction in laboratory cycle time
Enhanced control for method changes and testing procedure changes
Reduction in laboratory and manufacturing investigations
Intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard reporting

A vital success factor in LIMS configuration and customization is having context-specific knowledge of industry, regulatory and laboratory processes. With years of experience in the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and biotechnology industries, RSI is a technology partner that understands these unique challenges and the criticality of quality required. The RSI LIMS team is highly skilled in implementation and support.