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Sarum Satisfies Surge in Demand for Brand Journalism Services in Life Sciences Press

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Brand journalism and digital PR agency Sarum has kicked off 2016 with a flurry of content-based PR activity in the life sciences market, following unprecedented growth in technology use in the sector.
The pharmaceutical industry, one of Sarum PR’s primary vertical markets, is riding high currently as specialist IT companies and pharma-specific trade journals strive to meet soaring demand for up-to-date information and advice on a range of technology and information management issues.

Explaining the surge of activity, Carina Birt, Sarum founder, cites research by PwC . This found that CEOs in life sciences (even more so than other markets) see technological advances as key to transforming their business over the next 5 years.

“We’re seeing a thirst for information from editors for high-quality content from experts in pharma technology and services, which Sarum is extremely well positioned to meet,” Carina says. “That’s because of our team’s deep knowledge and experience around IT use in the life sciences industry, and our long track record of producing tailored, branded journalism of the highest quality.

We have built up deep relationships with the most respected publications in the industry, both in Europe and the US, because editors trust us to deliver.”Sarum regularly produces timely, incisive content for many of the UK and USA’s Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Medical Device and Cosmetics titles, on behalf of its clients.

“Now we’re looking to build our client portfolio of software and services providers in life sciences in the UK, Europe and the USA, to further capitalise on this successful and thriving area of the business,” Carina adds.

Sarum already represents a stellar line-up of specialist software and services organisations across these geographical markets. Its client base over the years reads like a Who’s Who of IT providers to the life science industry, from CDC Solutions, Liquent, Thomson Group, CSC Life Sciences, ISI, Product Life Group and Kallik, to Infotehna and AMPLEXOR.

It has created an inspired range of content for these companies: issue-based articles, roundtable debates, breaking news stories, videos, award-winning blogs and other viral social content.

Many of Sarum’s clients provide IT solutions and services specifically in the area of information/content management. In addition to life sciences, Sarum has also carved vertical niches in health and social care, where it has produced a wealth of content for the likes of Kainos, SynApps Solutions and Total Mobile.

Sarum was instrumental in launching electronic medical records system Kainos Evolve™ in the UK health sector 6 years ago, and in raising the profile of Total Mobile’s mobile solutions for care workers – most recently through an award-winning blog campaign, The Mobile Moment.

“2016 has got off to a flying start,” Carina says. “Business is soaring across all of our target markets, but we’ve been particularly struck by the current level of demand for life sciences expertise. We’d now like to keep growing this side of the business, by bringing on board other IT and service providers in this market, to capitalise on the knowledge and experience we’ve amassed over the last two decades, as well as the valuable relationships we’ve forged with pharma editors.”