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Science Fans Challenged Once Again to Create the Ultimate Lego Lab

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Radleys “Build a Lego Lab” competition is back and aims this year to more outlandish, clever and crazy Lego lab creations than ever before.

Build a Lego lab, challenges Lego lovers and aspiring scientists to build their most outlandish labs, take pictures or videos of them and explain the story behind their choices. Worthy winners will receive £150 worth of Lego to keep on building long after the competition closes.

Radleys, a UK leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, first launched the highly successful competition in 2015 and was inundated with entries from all around the world.

Previous entrants have come from every age group, from 4 – 45 years old and sent in from all over the UK and further afield.

Winners are selected from three age groups: 7 years old and younger, ages 8-13 and 14+ too.

Entrants are judged on their creativity, originality, scientific know how and other fun factors. A carefully selected panel of experts from Radleys will select the winners for the 2018 competition.

Radleys has been manufacturing laboratory instruments for over 50 years. Based at their office in Saffron Walden in the UK, the company has distributors in 47 countries, supplying a large portfolio of academic and industrial research facilities.

Inez Cornell, Marketing Manager at Radleys, has seen the Lego competition grow every year, with bigger and better entries,

“We are delighted to be able to launch the Lego lab competition once again, it’s our fourth year in a row!

“Each year we are amazed by the quality and creativity we receive and it’s harder than ever to pick winners. We hope 2018 will be our biggest year yet!”

The competition closes on Friday 7th September with winners set to be announced on Thursday September 20th.

Entrants for this year’s competition, simply visit https://www.radleys.com/lego-competition/ and fill out an entry form.