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Scion Instruments Launches Latest Release of CompassCDS™ Chromatography Data System

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Scion Instruments has released the latest CompassCDS™ software for multi-instrument GC laboratories. This industry-focused, networked chromatography data system solution eliminates the costs associated with licensing individual named users. With its unique capacity for customization, CompassCDS provides operators with a powerful tool for a variety of analytical operations. Available as a standalone or fully networked client/server application, it meets the broadest spectrum of customer requirements.

CompassCDS provides operators with customizable, single screen user interfaces that simplify day-to-day operation of GCs in routine analytical labs. It is designed to operate in 24/7 production environments with current Windows versions plus Virtualized and MS Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe installations. Standard features include multi-channel reporting, the ability to include complex custom calculations and summary statistical reporting. A wide range of GCs including all of the current Scion, Bruker and Varian models, as well as Agilent and other manufacturers’ instruments can be controlled through the software.

CompassCDS is also capable of controlling configured and custom GC analyzers, manufactured for specific industrial analytical applications through plug-in modules for simulated distillation, detailed hydrocarbon analysis, transformer oil gas analysis and natural gas analysis. In addition, the CompassCDS ChromSync module has been specifically designed to automate product QC testing in the flavour and fragrance industry.

Security is assured through centralized management of users and instruments, accessible to system administrators from anywhere on a network. For regulated environments, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is supported along with electronic-signature and an encrypted, all-in-one data file format. CompassCDS offers a safe and cost-effective way for customers to upgrade their systems through its back-compatibility with previously installed instruments drivers.