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Streamlining Integrated Drug Discovery Services

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Dotmatics has announced that Domainex, a small-molecule therapeutics company that provides integrated drug research services to global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic partners, has signed a multi-year agreement. 


Domainex will leverage Dotmatics’ software to analyse and share valuable scientific data across the full range of its offerings, from protein expression through to pre-clinical candidate delivery.  Specifically, Domainex will use several key bioinformatics solutions from the Dotmatics 5.0 suite including Browser, Studies, Vortex, Studies Notebook, Register, Inventory, Cascade, Elemental and Biologics Inventory.  This state-of-the-art software will be used to provide seamless interconnectivity of biological and chemical competences, to minimise cycle timelines and providing its clients with a more efficient service. 


“It is great knowing that our investment in the Dotmatics software platform will directly benefit our clients by creating a visual interface capturing data and enabling project decision making in a just-in-time manner,” said Tom Mander, Domainex COO. “It brings together the innovative and high quality protein expression, hit generation and medicinal chemistry services we offer. This agreement is a natural development of our collaborative working relationships, and we are confident that our two companies will continue to work together in a very positive way for the benefit of our clients.” 


“Domainex selected Dotmatics because their software is a unique and comprehensive fit with our Biology and Chemistry requirements including the reproduction of assay workflows, data reporting and visualization, and the adoption of electronic lab notebooks,” said Trevor Perrior, Domainex CSO. “We have a history of successfully working with Dotmatics and their ability to integrate seamlessly with our existing systems while providing in-depth, scientifically-advanced software made them the clear choice.”


“It is great knowing that our software will help advance Domainex’s innovate work in COPD drug research, epigenetics research, medicinal and computational chemistry services, protein expression and cell based and biochemical assay development offerings,” said Dotmatics’ Chief Executive Officer Steve Gallagher, PhD. “This agreement is a natural progression of our working relationship and we are confident that our two companies will continue on a very positive path.” 

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