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The Friedrich Schiller University Jena Partners with ACD/Labs to Advance its Analytical Data Management Strategy

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ACD/Labs, an informatics company that develops and commercializes solutions in support of R&D, announced that the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (FSUJ), a prominent German academic institution, selected ACD/Spectrus Processor, ACD/NMR Workbook Suite, and ACD/MS Workbook Suite to advance its analytical data management strategy in the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Science. Primarily, the ACD/Spectrus Platform offers a single informatics environment that can homogenize disparate data to offer a collaborative environment where live, connected analytical data may be searched, shared, and studied to help decision-making in academic, industrial, and governmental environments.

Drs. Peter Bellstedt and Nico Ueberschaar—heads of the FSUJ NMR and MS platforms, respectively—chose to partner with ACD/Labs on an approach to analytical data management based on the live, connected, and vendor-neutral nature of data processing and storage the ACD/Spectrus Platform offers. Their intention for the software deployment is to streamline collaboration and sharing between departmental working groups, and to standardize data interpretation across research activities. Ueberschaar explains, “We use a lot of different MS instrument vendors: Bruker, Thermo Fisher, and Shimadzu. It has been difficult for our researchers to manipulate spectra acquired on different machines using instrument-specific software programs. Since we often vary methods and techniques, we cannot guarantee that data are acquired on instruments a particular researcher is familiar with.”

In addition to the optimization of analytical data management for research pursuits, Bellstedt and Ueberschaar anticipate significant benefits for both teaching and training purposes. “As an educational approach for our students, with Spectrus they only have to work with one software program to analyze different types of data,” adds Bellstedt. “We can design training programs on how to use ACD/Labs software and we do not need to have several software packages and accompanying training sessions available.”

“By unifying our customers’ data in a single, searchable software platform, we help them avoid challenges that arise from siloed and fragmented storage,” said Gabriela Cimpan, ACD/Labs’ Senior Director of Sales, Europe. “Through our ACD/Spectrus analytical data management system, we ensure that analytical intelligence is retained and human interpretation is preserved, enabling our customers to extract the maximum value from their data.”