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Titian Announces Appointments of James Craven and Angela Gray

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Titian Software has announced the appointments of James Craven, head of global marketing, and Angela Gray, Western US sales manager, to further consolidate its position as the world leader in sample management software.

The successful launch earlier this year of Titian’s Mosaic Freezer Management, a cost-effective software package optimized for small to medium-sized sample collections, followed the recent introduction of Titian’s Mosaic 6.0 and Assay Requesting module.

Further significant options for Mosaic software will be launched throughout 2016, allowing organizations of any size to benefit from Mosaic’s complete solution for the management of inventory and workflows, sample tracking and automation integration. James and Angela will enhance Mosaic’s roll-out and help all organizations benefit from the increased efficiency and cost savings that Mosaic can offer.

As Titian’s first head of global marketing, James Craven has been appointed to support the company’s expansion throughout the world and build on Titian’s successes in Europe, the US and Asia. He brings a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of laboratory automation and sample management in the pharma and biotech sectors gained from previous senior management positions at TTP Labtech and HighRes Biosolutions.

Titian has also strengthened its operations in the key US market, with the appointment of Angela Gray as Western US sales manager. With a background in genomics research, engineering and sales at organizations including Novartis, HighRes Biosolutions and Teledyne, Angela’s extensive knowledge places her in an ideal position to provide sample management solutions that address customer needs.

“With James and Angela in our expanded team of close to 100 employees worldwide, we will continue to develop Mosaic and support our customers with complete, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for all types and sizes of sample collections”, said Titian’s CEO, Edmund Wilson. “I look forward to working with them in this new phase of our growth.”

James Craven added: “Titian’s track record of streamlining the management of compound and biological samples is unmatched and I’m really pleased to be joining the company at such an exciting stage of continued innovation. I look forward to building on our ongoing programme of product development which will enable an increasing range of organizations, both small and large, to benefit from improved productivity and the accompanying cost-efficiencies.”