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Tom Kent Joins Maverix as Vice President of R&D

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Maverix Biomics, Inc. has announced the appointment of J. Thomas Kent as Vice President of Research & Development. Mr. Kent has more than 30 years of experience in leading product development efforts in both established and emerging companies.

“Tom is a technology leader with proven experience in delivering internally and externally focused software solutions that scale to handle vast quantities of data and serve millions of users,” said Dave Mandelkern, president and co-founder of Maverix. “As Maverix continues to grow and gain market acceptance, Tom will be integral in managing our product portfolio and continuing the development of our genomic analysis solutions.”

Prior to Mr. Kent accepting the R&D role at Maverix, he spent nearly four years at Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he served in a variety of strategic management roles. Mr. Kent led teams of engineers and QA professionals to deliver software solutions that addressed strategic needs in the delivery of biologics-based medicines for cancer treatment.

Mr. Kent stated, “I am excited to join Maverix Biomics and help the company to further realize its vision of delivering world-class genomic analysis solutions. I anticipate that Maverix will continue to be a strong contributor in helping life sciences researchers accelerate the pace of discovery in clinical and translational medicine, molecular diagnostics, animal healthcare, plant genomics, biotechnology, and other important areas.”

Before joining Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mr. Kent co-founded and was the President of Sciformatix Corporation where he created a new business segment focused on delivering Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to scientific labs via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud model.

Mr. Kent has also held software engineering and bioinformatics business positions at other leading Silicon Valley companies, including Netflix, Hewlett Packard, Tethys Bioscience, Abgenix, and DNA Sciences.

Mr. Kent holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah and earned an MBA from Santa Clara University.