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Two researchers look at a tablet.
Product News

Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Digital Research Management Solutions

Labguru (BioData) has announced an agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific to enable the distribution of its electronic lab notebook module alongside Thermo Fisher’s suite of laboratory information management system and lab operations software solutions.
A lab worker holding an ipad.
Product News

Biosynth’s Unique Online Custom Peptide Toolset Completed With Full Order Tracking and QC Data Portal

Automated custom peptide quotations and tracking for web account holders- simplifying the process, increasing transparency, and reducing process delays.
A lab worker.
Product News

Sapio Sciences Introduces Sapio GMP LIMS Offering Unmatched Flexibility for Unique Manufacturing Processes

Sapio Sciences announces key new capabilities to its highly flexible, no/low-code LIMS to support laboratories that must comply with GMP, 21 CFR 11, and EU Annex 11 standards.
Someone in a lab coat holding up a red and white capsule.
Product News

New Phesi Proof of Concept Demonstrates Potential of AI-Powered Digital Twins To Replace External Control Arms in Clinical Trials

Study published in Bone Marrow Transplantation uses real-world clinical data to create virtual digital twin cohorts instead of placebo and standard-of-care comparator arms.
A strand of RNA.
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches ddSEQ™ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit for Single-Cell Gene Expression

ddSEQ™ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit and Omnition v1.1 Analysis Software Enable High-Quality and Affordable Single-Cell Transcription and Gene Expression to Support Molecular Biology, Oncology, and Drug Discovery Research.
A 3D image of cells.
Product News

AI-Powered Software Allows Deeper Spatial Insights From 3D Images

Leica Microsystems, has released version 14 of Aivia, its flagship image analysis solution. This update introduces a suite of new features and enhancements for accurate deep-learning based cell segmentation.
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

Evotec and QIAGEN Enter Software Collaboration for Enhanced Multi-Omics Data Insights

Collaboration leverages synergies of QIAGEN’s OmicSoft omics data through Evotec’s analysis platform PanHunter.
A scientist holding up a vial.
Product News

Shimadzu’s MALDI EasyCare Upgrade for MALDI-8000 Series TOF Mass Spectrometers Helps To Maintain Optimal Performance for Challenging Applications

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces its MALDI EasyCare solution that provides a convenient way for users of the MALDI-8000 Series TOF Mass Spectrometers to perform routine upkeep on the system.
A scientist behind a screen.
Product News

Shimadzu’s New Next-Generation GCMS Provides Outstanding Sensitivity, Stability and Speed

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces its next-generation gas chromatograph mass spectrometer – the GCMS-QP2050.
AI written on a computer chip.
Product News

SCIEX and Mass Analytica Collaborate To Advance Artificial Intelligence Quantitation Software

At ASMS 2024, SCIEX, in collaboration with Mass Analytica, presents artificial intelligence quantitation (AI quant) software.