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A doctor holding a clipboard with a patient.
Product News

OncoHost To Present Proteomics-Based Predictive Biomarker for Immune-Related Adverse Events in NSCLC Patients

Novel computational model accurately predicts significant irAEs in NSCLC patients based on proteomic profiling of one pre-treatment blood test.
A screenshot from the the software app.
Product News

Remote Sample Management Unchains Scientists From Their Lab Bench

Using high-speed, web-based communications protocols - DP5 Network rack decoding software from Ziath can be run from a laptop, desktop, phone, or any other network connected device.
An individual sitting at a table with their laptop open.
Product News

Optibrium Introduces Cloud-Based Version of StarDrop Drug Discovery Platform

Optibrium, announced that its drug discovery platform, StarDrop, is now also available in the cloud environment.
A lab worker.
Product News

LabVantage Recognized As Top Growth and Innovation Leader by Frost & Sullivan

Global Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for the Life Sciences Industry 2023 Report benchmarked over 120 LIMS vendors and placed LabVantage in No. 1 spot for growth.
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

PacBio Announces Complete Computational Workflow for Human Whole Genome Sequencing Data Analysis

PacBio WGS variant pipeline will bring standardization to PacBio HiFi data analysis.
IntelliXcap Semi-Automated Handheld Screw Cap Decapper.
Product News

Streamlining Biospecimen Sample Management

Azenta Life Sciences latest exciting products for biospecimen sample management will be on show at ISBER 2023 in Granada, Spain.
Someone typing on a keyboard.
Product News

DNAnexus-enabled UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform Surpasses 5,000 Users in Two Years

World’s largest biomedical research resource now features more than 28 PB of data to help accelerate scientific discovery and improve human health.
A close up of a microscope.
Product News

Leica Microsystems and the University of Oxford Establish a New Collaborative Centre of Excellence for Cutting-Edge Microscopy

Leica Microsystems has announced an exciting new collaboration with The University of Oxford UK, in the fields of optical and super resolution microscopy, artificial intelligence, correlative microscopy and EM specimen preparation.
An assortment of different pills.
Product News

Optibrium Releases Powerful Metabolism Prediction Capability in Next Generation StarDrop Software

Backed by six years’ research, the new StarDrop Metabolism module combines quantum mechanics and machine learning to better predict the metabolic fate of drug candidates.
The rack for the 2800T.
Product News

HTA Introduces 2800T: The First All-in-One Autosampler Powered by AI

HTA announces the release of the 2800T, the new all-in-one autosampler empowered by Artificial Intelligence, that can automate, all by itself, headspace analysis, liquid sample injection and SPME in any GC and GC-MS system.