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Adlib + Generis Partnership: A “Game Changer” for Regulated Companies

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Credit: ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash.
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Adlib Software, and Generis, developer of the CARA Platform for data, content, and business process management, announced the launch of a software connector that provides seamless integration between their industry-leading technology platforms.

“Adlib’s partnership with Generis is a big win for Life Science organizations,” said Helen Rosen, Chief Executive Officer at Adlib. “With this integration, CARA users can access Adlib’s document rendering solution within the CARA workflow, enabling clinical and regulatory associates to prepare submissions faster and error-free.”

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CARA is a data and content management platform that helps companies in regulated industries such as finance, energy, and manufacturing transform their complex business processes. The unified CARA Life Sciences Platform™ is the pre-configured, out-of-the-box layer build on top. The platform provides standardized apps for Regulatory, Quality, Safety, and Clinical processes powered by a single structured data lake that gives users instant access to cross-functional data and enables powerful process optimization.

Adlib for the CARA Platform is a native system connector leveraging REST API and provides a seamless data exchange between the two systems. Once the connection is established, Adlib automatically intakes all files from the CARA document library along with the default and CARA-specific metadata attributes. Adlib then performs transformations specified in the Adlib’s rules engine, such as performing OCR, formatting custom headers/footers, adding dynamic tables of contents and watermarks, and more. Each document is then transformed into a machine-readable, regulatory-compliant format andn transferred to a specific folder in the CARA library. This process saves users hours of manual effort and ensures compliant management of document repositories.

“We’re delighted to cement our partnership with Adlib through this connector,” commented James Kelleher, CEO of Generis. “With the launch of this integration, our customers can have an integrated, accurate, and reliable engine that manages data, reduces submission errors, and helps them achieve business goals faster.”