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Analytik Jena Launches Liquid Handling Software for CyBio Product Line

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Analytik Jena AG will be introducing a new liquid handling software to the market this year, CyBio ® Overture, just in time for the SLAS in Washington, D.C. An increasing number of manual liquid handling processes are being automated - whether this involves sample preparation, serial dilutions, or standardized tests.

Using CyBio ® Overture, switching from manual to automated pipetting is easier than ever before. This will be made possible using a protocol designer with an intuitive user interface, based on a detailed representation of the liquid handling robot and all of the required sample carriers and accessories.

Alongside the liquid handling and workflows, the software controls additional functions critical to success. This includes laboratory and equipment settings, the calculation of reaction mixtures, dead volumes and well contents.

“Going from manual pipetting to an automated process is an ongoing challenge, even for users who are experienced with automation,” explained Alexander Berka, General Manager of the Life Science business unit at Analytik Jena AG. “In addition to the liquid handling itself, there are any number of settings to take care of. Initial and target concentrations, dead volumes, well contents, and much more. It will be much easier to do all this with CyBio ® Overture in the future.

CyBio ® Overture is able to calculate reaction mixtures and spare the user work that is both time-consuming and prone to error. The results are then automatically applied to the workflow. Using color coding, both the wells and the corresponding pipetting instructions can be recognized quickly. This makes the workflows easier to follow. CyBio ® Overture is able to analyze well contents rapidly as well.

SLAS 2015, the leading international industry trade fair for laboratory, automation, and liquid handling technology, is taking place from February 7-11 in Washington, D.C.