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Autoscribe Informatics Invests in MIDAS to Aid Laboratory 4.0

Autoscribe Informatics Invests in MIDAS to Aid Laboratory 4.0 content piece image
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Autoscribe Informatics has announced the latest release of the Matrix Instrument Data Acquisition System (MIDAS). This release continues the company’s commitment to helping their customers maximize the value of their laboratory informatics investment. By further supporting the integration of laboratory instruments and equipment to the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), MIDAS could help to drive efficiency and quality within the entire organization.

Laboratory 4.0, the corollary of Industry 4.0 in laboratories, is driving greater deployment and use of internet ready analytical instrumentation. This provides the opportunity for laboratories to increase automation by connecting their instruments directly to their LIMS. The need for the manual transcription of results is therefore redundant and typographical errors eliminated. The overall effect is to improve efficiency, ensure quality and enhance data integrity.

The extended functionality of MIDAS v1.1 streamlines the entire process of instrument integration from capturing the instrument data, through data transformation to the import of results into LIMS. Once setup MIDAS runs automatically in the background and provides a seamless link between laboratory instruments and the LIMS. By avoiding tedious data transcription and manual manipulation of data, for example through the use of spreadsheets, errors are eliminated. MIDAS provides a defendable, robust, and effective methodology to ensure compliance with standards such as ISO17025 and GMP while freeing laboratory staff from mundane and low value tasks.