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Autoscribe's Laboratory Information Management System For Veterinary Pathology

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Matrix Veterinary LIMS from Autoscribe Ltd is a versatile, integrated laboratory management and business system, which has applications for commercial organizations and university departments as well as the management of pet cemeteries. Developed specifically to meet the needs of veterinary pathology, Matrix Veterinary LIMS features species and breed dependent reference ranges, full integration of Microchip, Vet XML and VeNOM codes, together with flexible billing options and test pricing.

Based on Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini LIMS, the Matrix Veterinary LIMS offers a highly configurable modular and scalable package that provides comprehensive tracking and monitoring of samples from booking-in through testing to result reporting and sample disposal. Equally well suited to contract work or research applications, the software is suitable for single or multi-site implementation with management visibility and reporting.

A powerful suite of configuration tools and a desktop/web-browser user interface allows the user to quickly and easily set up the system according to the specific terminology and workflows of the laboratory. This also provides the flexibility to accommodate any future changing requirements within the laboratory, such as changes to workflows or sample testing. This versatility ensures a longer operational life for the system leading to lower cost of ownership and improved return on investment.

Audit trails, time and date stamping of all actions, version control of all reference data such as test definitions help compliance with regulatory requirements. A comprehensive password management capability ensures system access can be configured according to the authority and responsibility levels of each user of the system.

Matrix Veterinary LIMS provides sophisticated tracking facilities to allow the identification of an animal by i.d. and name, owner details, previous case history, veterinary practice details and the tests requested. Rapid barcode scanning and the ability to fully integrate veterinary laboratory clinical analysers into the system helps speed up the operation and eliminate data transcription errors. Reference limits can be automatically applied to every test result with warnings given for any abnormal values.

Business management functions include automated billing using test prices within the system and other factors such as automated application of discount thresholds for regular customers. Customer stock levels, re-order levels and re-order amounts of stationery and laboratory consumables can be readily managed. The software is also compatible with 3rd party accounting software packages such as Sage. Reports, quotations and invoices can be generated on demand and printed or issued by e-mail or e-fax.

Matrix Veterinary LIMS offers quick, easy and flexible reporting for both test result and management data. Report types include analytical testing results for clients, invoices and regular business reports that will indicate the status of the veterinary laboratory. Reports can be client specific and triggered automatically when work is approved.