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BIO-ISAC Founded To Protect Against Increasing Attacks on Bioeconomy Infrastructure

BIO-ISAC Founded To Protect Against Increasing Attacks on Bioeconomy Infrastructure content piece image
Credit: Joan Gamell/ Unsplash
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Dotmatics, a scientific informatics software and services company, has announced that Charles Fracchia, VP of Data and founder of BioBright, a Dotmatics company, has been appointed to the Bioeconomy Information Sharing and Analysis Center (BIO-ISAC) Board of Directors and the Executive Board. BIO-ISAC is an international not-for-profit organization addressing security threats unique to the bioeconomy.

Charles is joined by biosecurity experts Ret. USMC Lt.Col. William Hagestad, Nina Alli, Executive Director of BioHacking Village, and Whitney Zatzkin Chief of Staff, BioHacking Village as fellow BIO-ISAC Board Directors.

The BIO-ISAC is a non-competitive member organization, gathering representatives from biopharma, biomanufacturing, hardware and software vendors, bioproducts and agriculture, as well as national security. It will be a critical resource for cyber threat detection, prevention, protection, response, recovery and resilience, addressing threats unique to the US bioeconomy and enabling coordination among stakeholders to facilitate a robust and secure industry. 

Working closely with industrial and government partners, and interacting directly with lawmakers and policy stakeholders, BIO-ISAC will provide its members with tailored and actionable digital bioeconomy threat intelligence, with the aim of helping spur the development and evaluation of defensive tools to address these threats, including vulnerability identification and mitigation, and education and outreach.

On August 8, 2021, it will host its inaugural table-top exercise at DEF CON, focused on the bioeconomy and the cybersecurity scenarios impacting our nation's biomanufacturers, labs, and related facilities. For more information or to be considered for formal invitation to the BIO-ISAC table top exercise, visit https://www.isac.bio/ttx

Charles Fracchia, VP Data at Dotmatics and Founder of BioBright, commented: “The trusted international workforce curated by BIO-ISAC is a testament to the industry and government’s determination to improve digital biosecurity for the bioeconomy. The COVID19 pandemic has shown that the relevance and impact of these threats to worldwide health security and it is time to tackle this problem head on. As the founding Director of the Board, I am proud to be involved in taking this initiative forward with our team and colleagues across industry and government.”