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BioDiscovery Releases Nexus Copy Number 8.0

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BioDiscovery’s Nexus Copy Number software is a leading solution for researchers across the globe for analysis of sequence and structural variation. The software is built on over a decade of research, design, and development in the genomics field and offers unique and user-friendly features to advance research studies.

A cutting-edge feature in Nexus Copy Number 8.0 is derivation of copy number from next-generation sequencing results. The new algorithm for obtaining CNVs from sequencing results provides results comparable to those from microarrays and detects copy number from whole-exome sequencing (WES), whole-genome sequencing (WGS), and targeted NGS panels. In concert with extraction of CNVs, the algorithm also identifies regions of Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) and Allelic Imbalances (AI), a unique feature not found in other similar tools.

“With the increased usage of NGS platforms, people are looking to extract as much information as possible,” said Dr. Zhiwei Che, Vice President of Research Products, BioDiscovery, Inc. “CNVs from microarrays are still the gold standard but use of NGS for copy number is expanding. However, for many researchers already performing NGS based studies, the ability to also extract CNV and LOH events from the same data being used to generate SNVs offers great benefit at almost no additional cost. And having copy number, allelic events, sequence variant, and gene regulation information analyzed concurrently as in Nexus Copy Number provides a truly unique integrated genomic view.”

Building on the comprehensive system for genomic data analysis, Nexus Copy Number version 8.0 encompasses expanded gene regulation support with analysis and visualization of gene expression results on single samples alongside copy number and sequence variations allowing identification of genes highly correlated among the different modalities.

Platform independence reigns here as well with support for data from different vendors and platforms (e.g. RNASeq and mRNA/miRNA arrays including support for the Affymetrix GeneChip HTA 2.0, new in version 8.0).

BioDiscovery’s platform-independent software packages provide a complete spectrum of data analysis solutions for gene expression (RNASeq, mRNA, miRNA) and copy number and sequence variation from microarray and NGS (WES, WGS, targeted panels) technologies.

Nexus Copy Number is a user-friendly and robust software with specialized cancer specific tools and algorithms and the capability to handle large volumes of data. With its ability to integrate data from different modalities (gene expression, copy number, sequence variation), it offers a more complete picture of the genomic landscape.