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Bio-Rad Announces Advances in Spectral Searching and Database Building in its KnowItAll Software

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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., has announced an unlimited spectral range and resolution feature in version 9.0 of its award-winning KnowItAll® software.

KnowItAll 9.0 allows users to store spectra in a user database at the precise range and resolution at which each spectrum was measured rather than being forced to conform to a fixed range and resolution for the entire database.

As a result, users have more control over their data and can perform more accurate spectral searches that compare experimental spectra to reference databases.

"Technological advances have changed disk space and computational time limitations of computer search methods, making possible major advances in spectroscopic computing," explained Gregory M. Banik, Ph.D., General Manager, Bio-Rad Informatics.

Banik continued, "Removing constraints on spectral data is critical to those who perform spectral searches or store spectral data, since altering an original spectrum's resolution has a significant impact on search results. With KnowItAll 9.0, researchers can preserve the integrity of their spectral databases. In addition, they have access to search software that follows best practices defined by the most recent research conducted by spectral search experts at Bio-Rad Laboratories as well as American Society for Testing and Materials standards."

Additional features in the KnowItAll 9.0 release include:

• Independent management of properties from multiple analytical techniques in user databases
• User database creation simplified
• New structure drawing tools to comply with IUPAC structure drawing guidelines
• Higher resolution spectra in HaveItAll® IR, NIR, Raman database subscriptions
• Spectra added to HaveItAll IR, UV-Vis, and NMR database subscriptions

Additional information on the KnowItAll 9.0 release is available at http://www.knowitall.com/literature