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Bio-Rad Launches Spectral ID Software

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Bio-Rad Laboratories has unveiled technology for the identification of unknown compounds with infrared and Raman spectroscopy.  The KnowItAll ATR/IR ID Expert and Raman ID Expert are new technologies that combine Bio-Rad’s knowledge in the field of spectroscopy with advanced computational power designed to provide fast, accurate answers to scientists identifying unknown infrared and Raman spectra.

Scientists often employ multiple software tools to identify a spectrum depending on its chemical composition and the availability of reference spectra, and even the most experienced researchers can misinterpret results, particularly if they choose the wrong software tool, according to Bio-Rad.

With ATR/IR ID Expert and Raman ID Expert, the user simply opens an unknown spectrum and the software automatically performs single and multiple component searches as well as functional group analyses simultaneously and summarises the results on a single screen to give a complete view of all possibilities for the unknown spectrum.

If there are problems with the user’s query spectrum, ID Expert has the spectral intelligence to identify these issues and suggest ways to fix them.

Once the user has identified the unknown spectrum, a PDF report can be generated.