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Biosynth’s Unique Online Custom Peptide Toolset Completed With Full Order Tracking and QC Data Portal

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Biosynth, a supplier of critical raw materials and services for diagnostics, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce the next step in its custom peptide revolution.


In October, Biosynth launched its automated peptide quotation tool for customers with a web account, allowing customers to instantly generate a custom peptide quote. This revolution in speed and ease is now fully integrated to include order tracking and QC documentation, meaning that from order to delivery, all information is centrally, securely stored for customers.

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What is the automated peptide quoting tool?

A unique customer focused concept designed to improve the user experience for custom peptide inquiries and orders. Biosynth’s custom quote tool can be used to obtain a live price calculation and quote for single or multiple peptide sequences. Users simply input their peptide sequence(s) in any format with multiple quantity, purity, and service options, allowing for the inclusion of special or non-natural amino acids.

Quotes can be ordered with a click, and for credit accounts, the order will be sent straight to our production teams in the US or Europe. Customers can review their peptide quote history and track the progress of their order including shipment status, and once delivered, all QC data can be securely accessed via a QR code or within the customer’s web account. To find out more, watch the video: Online Custom Peptide Journey - Faster and Simpler Custom Peptide Orders.