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Blacktrace Launches Particle Works – the New Dedicated Particle Engineering Brand

Blacktrace Launches Particle Works – the New Dedicated Particle Engineering Brand content piece image
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Blacktrace Holdings Ltd is excited to announce the launch of Particle Works, a spin out of Dolomite Microfluidics. 

Particle Works’ game-changing particle engineering platforms are set to revolutionise the way customers discover, develop and scale-up particle production for a wide range of applications. The brand draws on Blacktrace Holdings’ 20+ years of experience in particle engineering and microfluidic technology to offer novel systems for the consistent and reliable generation of various particle types for use in the medical, biotechnology and materials science industries.

Previously, nanoparticles – such as liposomes, lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and polymer-based nanoparticles – have been produced using batch methods that are inconsistent and difficult to control, risking damage to encapsulated products and leading to polydisperse particles to produce variable in vivo results. Particle Works will solve this challenge by using proven and reliable microfluidic technologies to create pioneering systems capable of consistent and tuneable particle generation. This will enable the manufacturing process to be more stable and efficient, with a lower chance of particle damage, further reducing time of development cycles compared to traditional batch methods. The brand will initially focus on enhancing drug encapsulation and vaccine delivery, opening previously inaccessible extremely performant and precision solutions to its customers.

Lee Jeffries, Managing Director of Particle Works, explained: “As leaders in the field of particle technology, we understand the needs of our customers, and Particle Works is the direct result of the growing demand for reliable and scalable solutions for nanoparticle production. From formulation, screening and process optimisation to scale-up manufacturing, Particle Works will provide scientists with innovative and automated platforms to speed up their processes, enabling customers to produce nanoparticles with unrivalled precision, consistency and control. This will help to minimise sample use and shorten timelines from discovery to manufacture.”