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Bruker Announces Acquisition of ZONTAL to Advance the Digital Laboratory Transformation and Integrated Biopharma Data Solutions

Zontal applications.
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Bruker Corporation today announced that is has closed the acquisition of ZONTAL Inc., an innovative platform provider for the digital transformation of the analytical laboratory, and for integrated biopharma technical data solutions. This acquisition further strengthens Bruker BioSpin’s Integrated Data Solutions (IDS) software division, which includes Mestrelab Research, Arxspan and Optimal.

The ZONTAL acquisition will enable integrated digital laboratory and process data management, combining vendor-agnostic data storage and analysis, as well as workflow tools to help scientists realize the full potential of their analytical laboratory and process digital assets. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, and ZONTAL expects 2023 revenues of greater than $5 million.

ZONTAL offers the only enterprise-class, GxP- compliant data platform that manages data for the full product lifecycle. The proprietary ZONTAL products streamline communication between IT systems and lab devices, preserve digital assets from any source on an enterprise scale, eliminate manual processes through regulatory automation, and enable AI/ML supported advanced analytics.

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According to Dr. Arndt Finkelmann, Research IT Lead at Syngenta Crop Protection, "ZONTAL's Analytical Data Hub aligns perfectly with our scientific and analytical data strategy." Dr. Finkelmann explained that Syngenta's plan involves entering more data and leveraging it for automated processes: “With a good set of metadata, data is findable and stored with context. Storage in the cloud and transformation into standardized open formats allows scientists across the organization to access raw and processed data for seamless analysis. In addition, open formats and audit trails allow for complete reusability. We appreciate ZONTAL’s support in this on-going digital transformation.”

By integrating ZONTAL with the Mestrelab Research and Arxspan scientific software solutions, as well as the Optimal process analytical technology software, the Bruker IDS division expands its unique vendor-agnostic software solutions portfolio to enable global life- science, biopharma and specialty chemicals customers to accelerate research, product development and process optimization.

Wolfgang Colsman, CEO and cofounder of ZONTAL, commented: “ZONTAL’s unique data platform for the life-sciences industry is an excellent complement to Bruker's strong scientific instruments and software offerings. Together, we will create a new level of end-to-end solutions that will be transformative for our life-science and biopharma customers. This is a great opportunity to expand the reach of our ZONTAL platform and accelerate digital innovation in the industry. By making data FAIR1 (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable), we eliminate the biggest barrier to digital transformation in scientific researchbased industries. This enables bi-directional communication between most types of instruments in the laboratory and all downstream applications, and enables the increasing use of artificial intelligence in laboratory workflow optimization.”

Mr. Santi Dominguez, Bruker IDS division president and cofounder-CEO of Mestrelab Research, added: “We are excited to welcome ZONTAL to the IDS division's portfolio. Together with ZONTAL's leadership team and talented employees, we will be able to provide an exceptional offering for the vendor-agnostic digital laboratory and biopharmaceutical process transformation, as well as grow the strong partnerships with today's customers. This offering will enable us to effectively combine different life-science tools to deliver integrated data solutions to more analytical and data scientists and researchers and to deliver our vision of fully integrated, automated laboratories and manufacturing plants.”