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Configurable LIMS Highlighted at PITTCON

Configurable LIMS Highlighted at PITTCON content piece image
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The latest version of Matrix Gemini LIMS from Autoscribe Informatics will be on show at PITTCON 2020. Every customer LIMS is based on the same software with configurable workflows and screen designs to suit specific needs. The graphical configuration tools allow controlled changes to be made to the system without the need for software coding skills (C#, Java, etc.).

Industry-specific configurations

Specific LIMS configurations exist for key industries including contract labs, biobanks, water/environmental, food/drink, pharmaceutical and veterinary labs. Configured by Autoscribe, using the Matrix configuration tools, these industry-specific solutions can be further adapted to meet an organizations' exact business requirements. This can be done either by the organization themselves or using Autoscribe Informatics’ technical services team. Matrix Configuration Tools are designed to provide flexibility, aiming to result in fast implementation and an interface that is optimized to use familiar terms and mimics the way they already work, making it easy for users to adopt.

Benefits of configurable LIMS

The underlying code is not altered by configuration which is the key to the long-term support of the configured system no matter who has done it. Users can even download the specific configurations of their system and send these to the Autoscribe support team for advice and support. The separation of the configuration from the underlying code can make it much simpler for organizations to upgrade to newer product versions; reconfiguration or rework is not required.

“LIMS investments are typically for a five to ten-year period, often longer. A truly configurable solution makes it simpler to meet changing business requirements, as well as adopt new processes, instruments and systems as the lab evolves. This ‘future proofs’ your investment and ensures a lower cost of ownership over the lifetime of the LIMS.” said Tim Daniels, Marketing Manager for Autoscribe Informatics. “A truly configurable LIMS provides every laboratory the certainty of longevity without sacrificing the flexibility to adopt the new technology and integration being driven by current Laboratory 4.0 initiatives.”