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Cytel Appoints New Global Head of Biostatistics

Cytel Appoints New Global Head of Biostatistics content piece image
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Cytel Inc., an advanced analytics company with experience in providing sophisticated quantitative insights to executive decision-makers in clinical investigation, has announced the hire of Thomas Bregenzer as the new Global Head of Biostatistics. Bregenzer brings more than two decades of statistical experience, most recently heading the European biostatistics and statistical programming operations of a large full-service CRO. In joining Cytel, Bregenzer will facilitate the ongoing strategic expansion of the company’s clinical research services division, spanning advanced statistical programming and data management, to pioneer the use of more holistic clinical programs for greater drug development success.

As bringing new therapeutics to market becomes ever-more complex and competitive, pharmaceutical organizations are seeking effective ways to navigate and overcome the risks, uncertainties and probabilities inherent in the clinical development process. For more than 30 years, Cytel has taken a holistic approach to clinical program creation, leveraging quantitative understanding to effectively manage risk, identify new avenues and inform better decision making, rather than simply applying statistical analysis to a specific problem.

"The rich statistical insight and cross-functional experience of someone like Bregenzer allows Cytel to partner with our clients to better identify solutions," said Joshua Schultz, CEO of Cytel. "Only with such insight can we go beyond simple problem solving, enabling bottlenecks to be anticipated ahead of time, and opening up space for new opportunities in the clinical development process. In bringing Bregenzer on board, we’re continuing Cytel’s long history of investing heavily to help our clients bring advanced analytical approaches into practice."

Speaking on the importance of such an approach, Bregenzer added, "Pharmaceutical companies often use statisticians simply as a tool to solve specific problems or to apply knowledge to individual tactics throughout a clinical program. But this can ultimately mean that opportunities to optimize and expedite clinical development are missed. The rapid pace and complexity of modern clinical development requires a more universal approach to program creation — an inclusive methodology that draws on reasoning and statistical expertise from multiple areas."

Describing the opportunity to join Cytel, Bregenzer said, "It’s an exciting prospect to lead the global biostatistics team of the largest and most highly esteemed biometrics-focused life sciences organization in the world. I am fully dedicated to the continued exceptional growth of Cytel, and I look forward to facilitating greater success for our partners in drug development — whether that’s through expertly leveraging cross functional insights, capitalizing on real-world data or implementing the most innovative statistical modeling techniques."

Upon completing a PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Cologne, Bregenzer proceeded to work as a Biostatistician at the University of Hamburg. He then joined Parexel, where he progressed from Senior Biostatistician to Head of Biostatistics and Statistical Programming. His experience using Cytel’s statistical software began with StatXact® in the 1990s as a student, and later as a research assistant. Subsequently, while working in the pharmaceutical sector, he described Cytel’s trial design building tool, East®, as being "the daily bread for all of us who worked on study design and planning". Cytel’s rich heritage of market-leading statistical tools and commitment to analytics excellence continue to attract the highest caliber of experts to the Cytel team.