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Cytel’s East Bayes Broadens Access to Complex Clinical Trial Designs

Cytel’s East Bayes Broadens Access to Complex Clinical Trial Designs content piece image
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Cytel Inc. has launched East Bayes® , an enhanced web-based extension of the East® platform that enables adoption of the most computationally intensive Bayesian clinical trial designs – without the need for powerful on-site computers. The new launch further expands East’s arsenal of Bayesian trial designs by providing a suite of complex phase I dose-escalation and phase II dose-finding designs for greater speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in early clinical development. Cytel’s flagship East platform was key in facilitating the widespread industry adoption of the adaptive clinical trial design. Now, East Bayes eliminates the long-standing technological barriers to greater Bayesian clinical trial design adoption, empowering the pharmaceutical industry with the tools needed for greater clinical trial success.

To keep pace with modern clinical development, drug developers are looking to novel and innovative clinical trial designs to minimize costs, accelerate time-to-market and boost efficiency. Yet access to such designs has been limited by the need for powerful computational modelling and deep statistical expertise. Cytel’s East Alloy® significantly simplified and widened the adoption of advanced Bayesian protocols by using cloud computing and rapid SaaS delivery to eliminate extensive on-site IT infrastructure requirements. The subsequent acquisition of Bayesian design experts Laiya Consulting provided an additional level of statistical innovation to feed into such software offerings.

East Bayes expands East Alloy’s functionality and computing power and integrates a selection of unique trial designs from Laiya Consulting’s renowned U-Design software. Through the new platform, customers will receive swift, easy access to a growing selection of advanced and innovative early-phase Bayesian dose-finding designs, all through a simple and intuitive graphical user interface. With easy adoption of designs such as i3+3, Multiple Cohort Expansion designs, and the Bayesian Logistic Regression Model, clinicians will now be able to more effectively identify optimal dosing, improve patient safety, and shorten clinical trials.

"Establishing a new therapeutic’s optimal dose is of utmost importance for maximizing chances of regulatory success. But the most advanced and flexible dose-finding designs have until now been off limits due to the complexity of the simulations required," said Yannis Jemiai, Chief Scientific Officer at Cytel. "East Bayes brings these complex mathematical models and algorithms smoothly and rapidly to clinicians in an accessible way, so now they can reap the benefits of Bayesian innovation confidently and autonomously."

Speaking on the rich legacy of the East platform, Priya Bhargava, Chief Product Officer at Cytel, added, "The launch of East Bayes marks a new and exciting chapter for East – a platform that has been expanded with a continual stream of rich statistical know-how for more than 30 years. Many of the most innovative clinical trial designs available today were pioneered by the accomplished statisticians that created East. Further building on this tried and trusted platform allows us to continue connecting statisticians and clinicians to the fast-paced innovation that is reshaping modern pharmaceutical development."