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Datacolor to Demonstrate New Features of ChromaCal Microscope Color Calibration Software

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Datacolor® CHROMACAL image calibration software now offers expanded features in delivering color accuracy for brightfield microscope images. Version 1.1 of CHROMACAL includes auto white balance, the ability to handle JPEG images and more.

Datacolor will demonstrate the software at the upcoming Experimental Biology 2014 meeting, April 27-29, in San Diego, CA, and at the Council of Science Editors meeting, May 3-5, in San Antonio, TX.

The new version of CHROMACAL expands the software’s already notable versatility and performance, while further increasing flexibility and convenience. Thanks to its new automated white balance capability, microscopists may avoid the common practice of subjectively post-processing images (i.e. with Photoshop® software) to balance color in their images. The white balance feature allows CHROMACAL to deliver an even more robust color-calibration solution and simplifies the image capture environment.

CHROMACAL also now processes images captured as JPEG files, in addition to TIFF file format. This flexibility allows microscope users to utilize the popular JPEG format in environments where reduced file sizes are critical.

"Our goal is to provide a simple, versatile and robust solution for achieving color-standardized images in microscopy," said Mark S. McNulty, General Manager of Datacolor CHROMACAL. "We offer a first-of-its-kind solution, and continue to innovate with additional tools to deliver color calibration for scientists. Microscopists recognize that their digital images are data, and preserving that data while standardizing color is the foundation upon which CHROMACAL is built. CHROMACAL is an objective, scientific solution that offers a clear, robust alternative to other software that was designed for photographers and design professionals."

Existing customers will automatically receive the upgrade to the new version at no cost when they next access their CHROMACAL Image Calibration software.