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DNA Script Launches Early Access Program for Latest Advancements to the SYNTAX Platform and Enzymatic DNA Synthesis Technology

DNA Script Launches Early Access Program for Latest Advancements to the SYNTAX Platform and Enzymatic DNA Synthesis Technology content piece image
Credit: Pixabay
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DNA Script, a world leader in Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS) for DNA on demand, announced the launch of a new program for customers of their SYNTAX System, in which organizations receive early access to the latest advancements of their EDS technology. Dubbed the DNA Scriptors Early Access Program, its members already include the London Biofoundry and the BASE facility at the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.

Through the DNA Scriptors program, the company will accelerate the expansion of applications for their SYNTAX System by providing users with ongoing opportunities to access products prior to full commercial launch. New SYNTAX Platform features that will be available for early access include a new generation of kits that enable the printing of longer oligos, up to 80 nt in length, and the synthesis of probes labeled with biotin or fluorophores and quenchers.

“We have multiple development teams working to enhance all aspects of our SYNTAX Platform, from new chemistries that increase oligo mass, length and quality as well as enable modifications, to new instrument models and upgrades that increase plex,” said DNA Script CEO and co-founder Thomas Ybert. “Feedback from over 40 alpha and beta collaborators was critical to a successful launch of the SYNTAX System in June 2021, and this DNA Scriptors program ensures that we continue to innovate with the needs of our customers in mind.”

DNA Scriptors members are using the SYNTAX Platform across a range of molecular biology and genetics applications. Among them, the London Biofoundry, which is based at Imperial College London, provides synthetic DNA for academia and industry in London, UK. “Our rapid-response Covid-19 projects already benefited from early access to modified oligos, rapidly produced in-house, and we are now looking forward to leveraging biotinylated and longer oligos in our NGS and gene synthesis workflows with our partners,” said Marko Storch, Ph.D., Head of Synthetic Biology and Automation.

Located within UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), the BASE facility provides genetic material to advance Australian research and is particularly focused on developing anti-cancer and other vaccines. “DNA Script’s SYNTAX System allows us to quickly synthesize DNA according to our precise requirements, which is critical for the manufacture of mRNA vaccines and therapies, ” said Tim Mercer, Ph.D., BASE Director and Assistant Professor at AIBN. “Being part of the DNA Scriptors Early Access Program provides access to this leading technology needed to speed the manufacture of mRNA vaccines. This access will enable rapid response to emerging infectious diseases and support the development of personalized vaccines in cancer.”

The SYNTAX Platform is a paradigm shift that empowers labs to produce DNA on demand, thanks to the world’s first benchtop enzymatic DNA printer. The system is built around EDS, which synthesizes DNA oligos like nature does, making it a much simpler, faster and greener process than older phosphoramidite chemistry-based approaches.