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Dotmatics Implements ‘Data to Value’ Initiative with BASF Agricultural Solutions

Dotmatics Implements ‘Data to Value’ Initiative with BASF Agricultural Solutions content piece image
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Dotmatics Ltd, a scientific informatics software and services company has announced the implementation of a ‘Data to Value’ initiative with BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division.

Research and development are crucial to BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division, leading to innovations that are key to finding the right balance – for farmers, agriculture and future generations. To cope with ever more complex and comprehensive data in R&D, Dotmatics and BASF Agricultural Solutions worked together to enhance the division’s R&D IT infrastructure.

With a 3-step phased approach, BASF Agricultural Solutions successfully reached the goals of the ‘Data to Value’ project. As a result, all steps of the data lifecycle – experiment planning, sample creation, testing, and scientific analysis – are now handled by Dotmatics’ unified data-centric platform, providing BASF’s researchers enhanced insights to high curated quality data.

The Dotmatics electronic lab notebook (ELN) directly feeds data into the Agricultural Solutions’ division knowledge base as part of the execution of scientific workflows, by capturing experimental data and storing it in a usable format.

“The early involvement of end users is crucial for the success of new solutions such as the ELN,” commented Joachim Dickhaut, Senior Principal Scientist at BASF Agricultural Solutions. “Our power users built the system together with Dotmatics’ experts which made it ‘their’ solution. This contributed to the fact that they were very open to the new system and had a positive attitude towards it.”

The Dotmatics platform also allows searching across experimental and project results generated by BASF Agricultural Solutions’ global R&D team. “Scientists need the ability to do a variety of searches, looking over multiple experiments or across many projects,” added Dickhaut.

With Dotmatics, data scientists of BASF Agricultural Solutions now have enhanced data search, aggregation, and visual analytics capabilities. This supports the division’s data-driven decision making that is based on all available research findings and prior knowledge, enhancing and simplifying processes in R&D. Unhindered access to high quality curated data combined with advanced analytics and data automation allow scientists to gain insights that were not possible before.

“One thing became clear very quickly: with the new software, the data we gained over the years became much more visible to our researchers,” said Dickhaut.

“Data utilization is the highest priority for research driven organizations looking to innovate based on a wealth of knowledge. It has been a pleasure to work with the team from BASF Agricultural Solutions and to ensure scientists are given access to data in a meaningful way so that they can innovate for their customers,” commented Max Petersen, Associate VP Product Marketing at Dotmatics.