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Dotmatics Introduces eln.online to Support Research Start-ups

Dotmatics Introduces eln.online to Support Research Start-ups content piece image
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Dotmatics Ltd, a scientific informatics software and services company that is driving the automation of laboratory data workflows for scientific discovery and innovation research, today announced the introduction of eln.online, a quick start version of its Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). Designed specifically to meet the needs of research organizations at an early stage in their development, eln.online is a new implementation of the Company’s existing ELN Studies Notebook and adds to Dotmatics’ established portfolio of cloud-based scientific software solutions.

Establishing lab and IT infrastructure, including electronic notebooks, are essential steps in the start-up plan for new research companies. As a multi-tenant, SaaS offering, the software can be easily established, minimizing IT overheads and maximizing return on investment. eln.online enables the search and capture of a wide variety of experimental data in a secure, cloud-based notebook, thereby facilitating effective collaboration between multiple scientists within or between organizations. It also ensures that organizations secure and protect their IP from an early stage, which is essential for future licensing, partnering and M&A plans. As an efficient alternative to spreadsheets, eln.online provides a standard template to capture an unlimited amount of diverse discovery experiments, as well as an additional template designed specifically for medicinal and synthetic chemistry projects.

eln.online provides a quick start version of the Dotmatics ELN Studies Notebook, which is currently used by hundreds of research organizations and thousands of scientists. The application is fully scalable and will grow with a company as it develops with the ability to transition to a full enterprise implementation when appropriate, without risking the loss of any existing data.

Dr Stephen Gallagher, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dotmatics, commented: “We’re thrilled to offer this new ELN to support start-ups and provide a strong technology platform as a springboard to expansion. ELNs are an essential part of lab and IT infrastructure and so we have worked hard to deliver a product that can be set up and established quickly and early in a company’s development to ensure they are able to maximize productivity and safeguard their IP from day one.”

“Chinook Therapeutics adopted the Dotmatics Studies Notebook in our early stages of R&D”, said Tao Sheng, Senior Scientist at Chinook Therapeutics, a Dotmatics customer. “We were able to get up and running with the Dotmatics’ ELN very quickly and easily and this ensured that we could immediately capture and collaborate on our experiments and make sure our IP was secure. Since then we have grown and expanded our scientific programs, and the ELN has grown with us at every step. Dotmatics’ new eln.online offering should make it even easier for start-up companies to be up and running with an ELN the moment they first start on their research efforts.”