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ENPICOM Secures Financing From BOP Capital, BOM Brabant Ventures and Brings Dr. Colby Souders on Board

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ENPICOM, has reached a major milestone by securing additional growth capital from its current investors, BOP Impact Ventures and BOM Brabant Ventures, aimed at expanding the development of ENPICOM’s AI assets. Furthermore, the company proudly welcomes Dr. Colby Souders, a seasoned expert in antibody discovery, to its group of investors. This infusion of growth capital not only underscores the unwavering confidence of existing investors in ENPICOM’s vision and technological prowess but also signifies a pivotal moment as the company embarks on an accelerated growth trajectory within the dynamic antibody discovery market.


"I am excited to collaborate with ENPICOM on their mission to empower lab and data scientists for maximum productivity,” said Colby Souders. “Their groundbreaking software, exceptional expertise, and rapidly expanding client portfolio, is truly impressive. I firmly believe that by harnessing cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, we can empower scientists to innovate faster and drive transformative breakthroughs in therapeutic discovery.”

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“We are honored to have BOP Impact Ventures, BOM Brabant Ventures, and Colby Souders, with his proven track record and unique insight into the challenges and opportunities within the drug discovery industry, share our mission and place their trust in our team,” expressed Paul van der Velde, CEO at ENPICOM. “With this robust backing and long-term investment horizon, we stand in a strong position to pioneer cutting-edge solutions that will revolutionize the discovery market.”


Holding a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Texas A&M, Dr. Souders has held key positions at leading companies such as Twist Bioscience, Abveris, MassBiologics, and Kanyos Bio (now Anokion). In 2023, Dr. Souders joined BrickBio, Inc. as the Chief Scientific Officer.


The latest capital injection will empower ENPICOM to amplify its platform functionalities, further enriching its renowned IGX Platform and offering its clients and partners an unparalleled suite of BCR and TCR data analysis solutions. Moreover, ENPICOM will leverage its proprietary generative AI models to enhance and create developable therapeutic candidates, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of selected antibodies.