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Formedix Announces Expansion to Meet Demands for Clinical Trial Automation

Formedix Announces Expansion to Meet Demands for Clinical Trial Automation content piece image
Credit: Danilo Alvesd/ Unsplash
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Formedix, announces expansion of its development and test teams. By expanding the workforce, Formedix can stay abreast of technological breakthroughs and meet greater client demands for the enhancement and advancement of its platform.

The Formedix platform enables pharmaceutical organizations to store, control, and reuse clinical metadata. Its automated processes and API integration functionality allows the rapid design, build, and submission of compliant clinical studies.

The expansion of the development and test teams will allow Formedix to make significant extensions to the existing platform, while working on cutting edge functionality for future developments.

With increased manpower Formedix can meet the expanding support requirements and provide further support to their EU and customer base.

Greg Blincow, Development Manager, said "We’re really excited to welcome new talent to our teams. Taking on additional developers and testers will let us really focus on new, innovative functionality, whilst at the same time being able to provide enhancements to the current platform."

Darren Bill, Head of Operations, added "The industry as a whole is moving towards using automated software solutions to maximize efficiency gains. Over the last two years, demand for the Formedix platform has increased significantly. Growing our teams will enable us to keep up with increased demands, and ensure we can deliver top-notch customer service backed by a leading-edge product."

As one of the leading companies that provides a clinical trial automation platform and clinical metadata repository, Formedix enables collaborative working and seamless integration with other systems for rapid end-to-end clinical trials, in real-time.

The Formedix platform is currently being used in a number of COVID-19 clinical trials, and by CDISC to develop standardized forms. Formedix also provides a fully integrated SDTM conversion process for the iMatch digital innovation hub.