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GBG Batch Planner™ from Biosero Increases Lab Productivity, Efficiency for Time-Course Experiments

GBG Batch Planner™ from Biosero Increases Lab Productivity, Efficiency for Time-Course Experiments content piece image
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Biosero, Inc. released the GBG Batch PlannerTM today, a plug-in for its Green Button GoTM Automation Scheduling Software Suite that accelerates lab productivity by automating schedules for high-value lab equipment.

“When you are trying to triple a lab’s efficiency using a half-million-dollar piece of equipment, you can’t just buy three more,” says Tom Gilman, CEO, Biosero. “With the GBG Batch Planner, lab managers can maximize the use of expensive and often-used instruments by scheduling batches automatically, even running experiments during nights and weekends.”

Many researchers use cellular assays, time-course studies and kinetic imaging in their drug discovery research. However, labs quickly become bottlenecked when multiple users need to use the same instruments required for the assays. Using the GBG Batch Planner, in conjunction with the Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software, scientists can plan different assays to run simultaneously or at scheduled times. This method of batching samples maximizes the use of any piece of equipment.

The GBG Batch Planner builds a calendar that shows instrument availability, including multiple instruments used in automated workcells, and identifies and manages timing conflicts between batches. Multiple users can access and plan their experiments using the real-time calendar, even adding new batches to workcells that are already in use. It supports a variety of lab instruments such as plate readers, imagers and flow cytometers.

Use the GBG Batch Planner to:
• Schedule the time and frequency to read the plate, as well as the duration of the experiment
• Plan experiments over multiple days for time-course batches on the same workcell
• Create and schedule new batches with just one click
• Generate unique codes for each batch for identification and tracking
• Reserve time on equipment, including time required for maintenance