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Holistic IoT Device and Lab Management Solution

The VisioNize Lab Suite seen on a laptop and mobile phone.
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With research and development being a time-consuming industry, there is a constant need for time-saving digital solutions and tools. Nowadays, most laboratories are using a handful of digital tools to help ensure data transparency and easy replication. On top of that, digital tools can be very handy solutions saving lab managers time they would be spending on manual admin tasks. However, with multiple tools available there is always a struggle to ensure data can easily be transferred from one tool to another and used in the most efficient way.

To solve this problem and ensure the best usage experience for lab members, Eppendorf has partnered with Clustermarket to offer a smooth integration between the Clustermarket equipment scheduler and Eppendorf’s VisioNize® Lab Suite. The integration combines software and hardware components from Eppendorf with Clustermarket’s operating system and gives scientists access to a holistic IoT device and lab management solution.

We believe that digital tools will have a great impact on innovation by increasing the quality and reproducibility of experiments and improving the access to required equipment. It is important that the digital tools are set up in the right way and provide smart integrations, so users and data can flow barrier-free between different systems. The partnership with Eppendorf is a key milestone as it connects two powerful tools and combines equipment management and real time parameters in a smart way.” said Tobias Wingbermuehle, CCO and co-founder of Clustermarket.

"We are excited at Eppendorf about this partnership with Clustermarket as it aligns with our belief in open digital ecosystems and the importance of seamless integration between digital tools to provide the best user experience. With near-real-time access to accurate device data combined with advanced equipment management, laboratories are empowered to make more informed decisions and streamline their lab operations like never before. " added Lynn Philip, Product Leader at Eppendorf.

The integration between the two software solutions leverages live instrument information and allows to remotely monitor laboratory instruments with a vendor-agnostic solution connected to the Clustermarket equipment booking software. The integration provides lab members with a holistic IoT device and lab management solution, where researchers have access to a wide variety of features such as remote monitoring and equipment scheduling.