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IDBS Works With SCIEX To Launch Analyst™ Software Integration

 IDBS Works With SCIEX To Launch Analyst™ Software Integration  content piece image
Credit: Xresch/Pixabay
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IDBS announced September 15th, that it has released a fully-featured integration between the E-WorkBook electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and SCIEX Analyst® Software, expanding IDBS’s existing family of integrations. This new integration strengthens IDBS’ existing preclinical capabilities by seamlessly transferring data, enabling increased regulatory compliance and improved throughput.

In response to the call for improved preclinical workflows in regulated environments, IDBS leveraged its existing bioanalytical experience, coupled with customer and market inputs, to develop the integration. As part of the preclinical process design, the integration delivers the ability to seamlessly upload injection sequences and retrieve raw and processed results, providing a tamper-proof method of data exchange with a full audit trail of actions. This innovation allows customers to proactively conform to regulatory guidelines.

Christian Marcazzo, General Manager at IDBS said, “The addition of the new SCIEX Analyst integration component complements IDBS’ deep domain expertise, bolstering E-WorkBook’s support of end-to-end workflows. This capability strengthens our solution and supports our growth strategy to partner with like-minded organizations to enhance our enterprise R&D data management platform.”

Dominic Gostick, Vice President & GM LCMS at SCIEX said, “Our work with IDBS offers E-WorkBook customers the tools to seamlessly integrate with the SCIEX Analyst platform, enabling streamlining of important preclinical processes. We look forward to our continued collaboration with IDBS and their product updates in the near future.”

The E-WorkBook platform is both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. IDBS achieved the SOC 2 certification of data quality in 2019 and has over 35 validated GxP customers, 30% of whom have their solutions deployed in a validated cloud environment. IDBS will continue to deepen their partnership with SCIEX and other Danaher companies as part of a continuing initiative to deliver the next-generation biopharmaceutical working environment.