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Inserm Moves to Electronic Lab with Adoption of Labguru

Inserm Moves to Electronic Lab with Adoption of Labguru content piece image
BioData's Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)
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BioData has announced the roll-out of its Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) platform, Labguru, with Inserm, France’s only public research institute to focus entirely on human health.

Inserm made the strategic decision to digitize its laboratory workflows in a uniform way by making Labguru available to all 15,000 of its staff based within its 14 thematic institutes. This follows a successful three year long pilot which saw 300 participants using the product across different research sites.

Inserm piloted the project across a diverse range of its research areas including neurosciences, cancer, inflammation and cell biology. This allowed them to test and collate the widest possible range of data in Labguru’s secure digital space which can then be accessed and reviewed in real time.

Claudia Gallina and Paul-Guy Dupre, ELN implementation Project Managers, said: “With Labguru, Inserm now offers its 1,300 research teams, distributed throughout France, a powerful Electronic Lab Notebook and Inventory Management system solution. The major change for Inserm researchers, compared to the paper version, is the ability to remotely access data, carry out collaborative work and simplify research traceability by providing excellent data search functions.

“For managers, the ELN enables better team and project management. It also facilitates the preservation and transmission of knowledge and the security of the research data which is now centralized and backed up. Inserm’s researchers are able to better organize the management of knowledge and quality procedures.”

Steve Yemm, CEO of BioData the company behind Labguru said: “I am delighted that our flagship product has enabled Inserm to bring productivity improvements and a high standard of quality to the work their teams are doing. When working on a specific scientific procedure, Inserm is now able to quickly and effectively document experiments, manage inventory items and track the steps taken in the scientific workflow. Labguru has also replaced the need for printing and manual exchange of data and reports saving time and money.”

Records of the equipment and samples used in experiments can now be easily maintained as soon as the work is completed and documented in Labguru. Lead investigators are able to trace all of the work carried out by post-doctorates, PhD candidates and other staff through the ELN system meaning everything is uniformly recorded.

Labguru has also made a contribution to improving experimental success rates. Researchers are now able to trace the root causes of experiment failure, helping to improve outcomes in the future. It keeps the traceability and quality in check so users have a full picture not just of the experiment itself but also the inventory that was used.

Inserm joins other major pharmaceutical organizations, biotechnology companies, research hospitals, individual academic labs, and independent research institutions which have successfully deployed Labguru's Electronic Lab Notebook.