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Lab Analytics for the Whole Lab

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Nexxis LA (Lab Analytics) is an application that allows you to manage the lab better by providing information for the whole lab.

Nexxis LA makes it easy to report on instruments, processes, people and samples. Imagine creating the following reports with a press of the button:
  • Instrument utilization by time, by location, by test
  • Efficiency of personnel – compare people and sites to each other
  • Efficiency of processes – compare and analyze different procedures
  • Productivity throughputs
  • Complete history of a sample (instruments, columns, reagents, personnel, etc)
  • List of samples affected by an un-calibrated instrument
Conducting investigations when something goes wrong is a very tedious and time consuming process since data has to be gathered from a number of different systems. With Lab Analytics for the whole lab, you are able to use a single reporting module to mine data from every application and then combine that data into a single report. Instead of spending hours or days performing an investigation the data can be gathered in minutes. For example, a single report will provide a list of all samples affected by a faulty reagent.

Nexxis LA is part of the Nexxis suite of products and ships with every license for LimsLink, Nexxis ELN and Nexxis iLAB.