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Labguru Announces $1M Pro-bono Program for COVID-19 Treatment Developers

Labguru Announces $1M Pro-bono Program for COVID-19 Treatment Developers content piece image
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BioData is offering a pro-bono program allowing free access to its flagship Labguru electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) to academic laboratories, non-profit organizations and small start-ups working on COVID-19 treatment or vaccine development, up to a total value of $1M.

The offer comes hot on the heels of the LabRoom video conferencing service introduced free of charge to all customers last week and includes the BioData team’s commitment to rapid set up and support, as well as free access to the Labguru Academy library.

Jonathan Gross, Founder and CTO of BioData said: “Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic is the most important global effort of our time. We are keen to support scientific research by doing our part.”

With its out-of-the-box easy setup, Labguru ELN aims to allow more efficient lab operations and improved research output. It streamlines the planning and documenting of experiments, tracking progress, simplifying lab logistics, and sharing results.

Labguru was designed from the outset to be deployed across an entire organization within days, with seamless migration from other systems, a straightforward training program and direct access to its support function.

Jonathan continues: “By granting free access to the Labguru platform at this time, we are looking to support vital COVID-19 vaccine development initiatives from the ground up, whether led by academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations or small start-ups, who may not be able to easily access this supporting technology. Tools like Labguru are invaluable in helping speed up research development and lab work, especially during social distancing and limited laboratory access.”

Lab work planning and resource management are made simple through an integrated automated laboratory inventory management system and remote sample management, as well as the ability to connect the ELN with the equipment management system.

Labguru is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and provides a full audit trail.