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LabVantage Launches Full-Featured Self-Service Advanced Analytics Solution

LabVantage Launches Full-Featured Self-Service Advanced Analytics Solution content piece image
Credit: LabVantage
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LabVantage Solutions, Inc., a provider of laboratory informatics solutions and services including purpose-built LIMS solutions that allow labs to go live faster and at a lower total cost, today announced the launch of LabVantage Analytics, a full-featured, self-service advanced analytics solution that lets users easily explore, analyze, and visualize LIMS, enterprise, and external data to gain actionable business insights. Designed by analytics industry experts, LabVantage Analytics seamlessly integrates with all elements of the LabVantage LIMS platform, providing a single user interface and workflow.

“LabVantage Analytics represents another milestone in our support of digital transformation—turning scientific, business, and external data into accessible knowledge that speeds new discoveries, increases lab productivity, improves quality, and reduces consumables waste and instrument downtime,” said Robert Voelkner, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at LabVantage.

Mr. Voelkner continued, “LabVantage Analytics incorporates these powerful analytic tools into the LIMS environment, using an artificial intelligence engine, machine learning, and predictive and prescriptive analytics to highlight those factors that matter most to business and laboratory managers. The goal is to help labs function more efficiently while pinpointing the key information needed for more informed and profitable decision-making. These include many hidden gems currently obscured in the massive data generated by laboratories. Our advanced analytics solution makes it easy to leverage data insights throughout the enterprise to improve operational efficiency, monitor testing quality more effectively, and reduce costs.”

LabVantage Analytics enables laboratory managers and their business colleagues both inside and outside the lab to take full control of their LIMS data together with relevant business and external data. It analyzes both structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources, combining data ingestion, pre-processing, storage, analysis, and visualization into a single application. Its self-service features facilitating ease-of-use include dashboards and LIMS data reports that enable users to access the information they need without delay. The system also allows users to customize dashboards and add and modify reports. LabVantage Analytics is designed for seamless access from within the LabVantage LIMS solution and it can ingest data from any source, including other LIMS platforms.

LabVantage is known for its exceptional customer service and the LabVantage Professional Services team is ready to help users set-up and implement LabVantage Analytics and maximize its ongoing value.