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Linguamatics I2E Semantic Enrichment Named as a KMWorld 2014 Trend-setting Product

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Linguamatics I2E Semantic Enrichment has been selected as a KMWorld 2014 Trend-Setting Product. I2E Semantic Enrichment, the newest offering from Linguamatics, is used within an existing enterprise search deployment to enrich the current search metadata to make information more discoverable and provide more relevant search results.

I2E Semantic Enrichment uses Linguamatics’ text analytics platform, I2E, to bring powerful semantic and natural language processing (NLP) technology to enterprise search applications, particularly within life sciences and healthcare.

The system scans millions of documents, to identify and mark-up semantic entities such as genes, drugs, diseases, organizations, authors, patient characteristics and lifestyle factors plus other relevant concepts and relationships.

Enterprise search engines consume this enriched metadata to provide a faster, more effective search for users. This results in a richer search experience, increased findability and improved speed to insight, enabling users to be more productive and spend less time on search.

“I2E Semantic Enrichment was selected by the panel because it demonstrates innovative use of natural language processing-based text analytics to address the issue of enterprise search findability, bringing better search results to the most important stakeholder - the customer." says Hugh McKellar, KMWorld Editor-in-Chief.

Dr. Phil Hastings, SVP Sales and Marketing at Linguamatics comments “We’re honored to receive this recognition from KMWorld. Our text analytics offerings continue to be more widely adopted, no longer just as specialized point solutions but increasingly as enterprise semantic engines underpinning multiple applications. With I2E Semantic Enrichment our customers benefit by getting more value from their existing investments in enterprise search.”

The Trend-Setting Product awards began in 2003. This year more than 650 offerings from vendors were assessed by the judging panel, which consists of editorial colleagues, analysts, system integrators, vendors themselves, line-of-business managers and users.

All products selected demonstrate clearly identifiable technology breakthroughs that serve the vendors’ full spectrum of stakeholders, especially their customers.