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M-Files 2015 Combines New Features with a Simpler Approach to EIM

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M-Files Corporation has announced the immediate availability of M-Files 2015.

The latest major product release of the M-Files enterprise information management (EIM) solution includes the ability to create graphical workflows to optimize business process efficiency. The new graphical workflow editor in M-Files 2015 enables the creation and display of workflow processes as graphical diagrams, providing the ability to better visualize and more easily manage complex workflows. In addition, for businesses with regulatory or quality mandates, diagrams can be exported to support compliance requirements.

M-Files 2015 also features improved replication capabilities that provide enhanced support for business continuity and hybrid cloud deployments. The replication capabilities in this major product release enable companies with either cloud or on-premises M-Files deployments to leverage free cloud storage (powered by Microsoft Azure) to store and manage select files to the cloud to ensure content is always secured, protected and available.

"The ability to ensure that business critical information is accessible during a catastrophic event, increasing productivity by improving process efficiency, and empowering the mobile workforce are critical keys to success for any business, and with M-Files 2015, we’ve made major strides in all these areas," said Mika Javanainen, senior director of product management at M-Files Corporation.

"M-Files 2015 represents our focus on scalability and data security, enabling us to support large enterprise deployments without trading off the simplicity and intuitive approach that is unique to M-Files. When powerful graphical workflow tools, advanced replication capabilities and advanced mobile content management features are combined with a simple user interface and a foundation that delivers enterprise-class high availability, scalability and security -- it’s easy to see why M-Files is growing at eight times the pace of the enterprise content management (ECM) industry."

Additional new features and capabilities in M-Files 2015 include:

More powerful mobile app information management capabilities: The updated M-Files mobile apps allow remote workers to easily create, edit, share and process information on the go. New M-Files mobile app capabilities include the ability to create new objects (documents, customers, accounts), edit files, share files with others and access documents in offline mode. M-Files mobile apps can be downloaded for free for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices.
Performance improvements for supporting large, enterprise-scale deployments: The underlying vault database structure in M-Files 2015 has been optimized for better performance and scalability. M-Files 2015 offers concurrent database operations that perform up to 5-10 times faster than before, which better supports large, enterprise-scale deployments consisting of millions of documents and thousands of users.
M-Files Web improvements: M-Files 2015 includes significant enhancements to M-Files Web, including improved compatibility with Mac OS X, as well as a redesigned metadata card with a new interface that makes editing metadata easier and more intuitive and saving documents and other data faster. In addition, the new file preview feature in M-Files Web enables users to review documents without downloading them locally on their systems.
Enhancements to M-Files OCR: M-Files 2015 features several updates to the OCR module. The enhanced OCR module is based on the I.R.I.S. iDRS v15 OCR engine, which supports 133 languages and is one of the most accurate and efficient OCR engine available in the marketplace.
Security improvements: M-Files 2015 delivers more versatile options for encrypting data in transit and at rest. Support for multi-factor authentication and pre-shared keys enable companies to allow secure remote connections to their on-premises and cloud-based servers.
• M-Files 2015 also includes improvements to social content features, the Microsoft Outlook plug-in, the M-Files UI extensibility framework, M-Files API scripting interfaces and more.