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Nautilus Biotechnology Launches “First Access Challenge”

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Nautilus Biotechnology, Inc., a company pioneering a single-molecule protein analysis platform for quantifying the proteome, has announced the launch of the First Access Challenge, a research competition for high-impact work in single-molecule proteomics. Scientists of all backgrounds are invited to submit proposals and gain early access to Nautilus’ Proteome Analysis Platform.

“We are excited to launch the First Access Challenge with the goal of enabling researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines to uncover new biological insights and explore new areas of the proteome at massive scale,” said Nautilus co-founder and chief scientist Parag Mallick.

Nautilus’ single-molecule, large-scale platform uses Protein Identification by Short-epitope Mapping (PrISM) with an aim of easily and sensitively measuring billions of intact proteins. Applications for the Challenge are welcomed across many fields, including oncology, neuroscience, cardiology and immunology.

Details of the First Access Challenge

Three winning proposals will be selected in 2023 to receive a quantitative, single-molecule analysis of 12 samples in collaboration with Nautilus’ scientists, as well as a conference travel award to present the data and writing assistance for a peer-reviewed journal submission.

Scientists are invited to submit their abstracts through Nautilus’ website before the deadline of Friday, February 10, 2023. Submissions will be evaluated by the Nautilus team for their potential scientific impact, and the three winning proposals will be announced at the US HUPO 2023 Conference, which will be held in Chicago, IL on March 4-8, 2023.

For more detailed information, please see the FAQ section of the contest submission page.