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New Enterprise R&D Architecture Speeds Time to Scientific Innovation

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Following the completion of key product portfolio integration stemming from the July 2010 merger with Symyx Technologies, the Accelrys Enterprise R&D Architecture provides a broad, flexible solution set that addresses the critical needs of scientists working in the life sciences, chemical, agro-science, consumer packaged goods, energy, aerospace and other industrial sectors.

“Challenges associated with the R&D value chain constitute serious and costly obstacles for customers wishing to bring innovative products to market quickly,” said Accelrys President and Chief Executive Officer Max Carnecchia. “Today’s technology often relies on proprietary, siloed technology that is time and process intensive, creating disconnected processes from research through early manufacturing. Our new Enterprise R&D Architecture addresses the breadth of scientific processes, domains and compliance challenges encountered across this value chain, speeding time to innovation. We are already actively engaged with customers who are implementing the architecture in novel ways.”

The new Accelrys Enterprise R&D Architecture, leveraging the proven Pipeline Pilot™ platform, provides a broad, flexible solution set with configurable applications that can be tailored to better integrate the diversity of science, experimental processes and information and reporting requirements encountered across the research, development, process scale-up and early manufacturing phases of product development. The four key pillars of the Accelrys Enterprise R&D Architecture are:

Modeling and Simulation – Providing better outcomes and reduced costs through the automation and expert use of predictive science

Enterprise Lab Management – Enhancing lab productivity and cross-lab collaboration with scalability from lab to enterprise

Workflow Definition and Capture – Optimizing scientific workflows, both experimental and operational processes

Data Management and Informatics – Improving the understanding and management of complex scientific data types for scientists and engineers

“R&D organizations today face numerous challenges in optimizing performance and productivity, ranging from disparate data issues to manually intensive, error-prone procedures to regulatory quagmires,” said Dr. Alan S. Louie, research director, clinical development, strategy and technology with IDC Health Insights. “The ability to effectively collect, analyze and share scientific data within an organization remains a differentiator that separates industry leaders from wannabes. In the race for R&D agility, the combined solution set created by the merger of Accelrys and Symyx is aligned with the critical need to help scientific organizations achieve this differentiation and reach their innovation goals.”

“The high costs and long cycles impacting R&D today cannot continue on their current trajectory,” said Accelrys Vice President and Chief Science Officer Frank Brown. “Accelrys’ deep domain expertise in chemistry, biology and materials science, combined with our market-leading informatics, data management and modeling and simulation software, uniquely qualifies us to accelerate innovative solutions that drive results in today’s demanding lab-to-market environment.”

The recent release of Symyx Notebook 6.6 accelerates and improves lab results by speeding experiment design, execution and analysis in collaborative R&D environments. This latest release of the company’s multidisciplinary electronic lab notebook (ELN) also demonstrates the value to customers of Accelrys’ new strategy and integrated product portfolio. The ELN combines new chemical and biological formulations capabilities with out-of-the-box integration with the Pipeline Pilot™ Enterprise R&D platform and improved connectivity with the Accelrys Isentris® decision support system.