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Nexxis iLAB Integrates all Databases

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The new Nexxis iLAB Database Viewer provides a central location to access data from all of the databases inside and outside of the lab. After retrieving the data, you are able to filter and sort that data to help you gain maximum value from the data. The organized data can then be exported to LimsLink, Nexxis ELN or Excel for further processing and reporting.

Instead of learning to use dozens of applications, you are now able to use one centralized application to see all of your lab's data at the same time. Since the Database Viewer is web based, it is available on any computer system that supports a browser. It could be a desk top computer, a notepad, and even a remote device.

The Database Viewer is an ideal tool to provide controlled access to users who only need to look at specific information. For example, instead of training everyone on how to use your LIMS, the Database Viewer will provide controlled access to the specific information each group or individual needs.

Using a centralized database viewer can also reduce the cost of software licenses. Any user who only needs to view and use the data in an application can do so using the Database Viewer and may not require an application license.

Robert Pavlis, President of Labtronics commented, "The Nexxis iLAB Database Viewer is a powerful tool that provides simple access to all of the lab's data from a central location. Imagine how convenient it would be for a lab manager to go to a web browser and see all of the data in the lab - no matter which application is storing the data. It is a simple, but very powerful concept and it solves one more puzzle in the quest for an iLAB - a fully integrated lab".