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OCF Partners With Clarifai To Strengthen its AI Offering

OCF Partners With Clarifai To Strengthen its AI Offering content piece image

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OCF has partnered with Clarifai to support its increased investment in AI and enhanced AI compute power. A leader in computer vision AI technology, Clarifai’s deep learning AI platform uses sophisticated machine learning to understand unstructured image, video, text and audio data. Data scientists, developers and researchers working with OCF will benefit from the easy integration of Clarifai’s AI platform to identify and analyse images, videos and text significantly faster.

Andrew Dean, Sales Director at OCF says: “OCF has been supplying infrastructure for AI and machine learning for a number of years. Clarifai’s comprehensive software platform and pre-trained AI models will integrate with this infrastructure, enabling our customers to develop powerful AI applications using image analysis and natural language processing (NLP), whatever their business or research requirements.

Computer vision is an important space within AI both in terms of compute and video/image management. With Clarifai, we can help our customers in their AI journey with a complete computer vision AI solution.”

Matt Zeiler, CEO at Clarifai says: “Computer vision, especially over video, is incredibly computationally intensive. Clarifai has been a leader in computer vision ever since winning ImageNet in 2013. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of AI computation on the cloud, for bare-metal on-premise deployments and on edge devices.

Every tool in Clarifai’s AI ecosystem can be deployed via Kubernetes. We can create deployment configurations that only include the tools you need. Clarifai has gRPC APIs for every programming language, so any application can run its AI using Clarifai.”

For organisations, this means that Clarifai is the fastest way for developers and data scientists to label data, build and train models and connect these models into workflows. Clarifai comes pre-loaded with hundreds of ready-to-use models to accelerate time-to-value.

In a recent pilot, Clarifai’s face recognition solution was highly successful for OCF in its internal pilot project. Available in the cloud, the solution can also be deployed on-premise or on edge depending on the customer’s requirements.