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Particle Characterization Software: 2020 Update for NanoBrook Instruments

Particle Characterization Software: 2020 Update for NanoBrook Instruments content piece image
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The 2020 version of its Particle Solutions Software Suite is now available from Testa Analytical Solutions e.K for users of their NanoBrook series of particle characterization instruments.

Carlo Dessy, Managing Director of Testa Analytical commented "In line with our total commitment to excellent customer support this latest version of our comprehensive particle characterization software, Particle Solutions, is available for free download now. Simply visit our website, click on the 'Download Software' tab, and fill out the form. If you need a license for Particle Solutions, click on the 'Request a Software License' tab and fill out the form". Mr Dessy added "For those of you who are new user or just a little rusty, we have produced an informative training video to help you brush up on your Particle Solutions software skills".

The 2020 version of Particle Solutions software suite from Testa Analytical integrates characterization of the DLS, SLS, Phase Analysis Light Scattering (PALS), Micro-Rheology, and Size Exclusion Chromatography particle measurement technologies in one easy-to-use integrated package. Designed for both occasional and advanced users, the Particle Solutions software suite includes laboratory information management system support, surface zeta potential measurement capability, multimodal size distribution refinement, health mode post-measurement analysis, and statistical process control.