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PerkinElmer Launches Signals™ for Translational

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PerkinElmer, Inc. has announced the launch of PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational, a cloud-based data management, aggregation and analysis platform for pharmaceutical researchers. This new offering integrates experimental and clinical research data from many sources and relates the data to scientifically meaningful concepts. It also enables support for the complete precision medicine workflow, from data acquisition to biomarker discovery and validation.

Co-developed with top pharmaceutical companies, PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational is designed to help researchers easily integrate experimental and clinical data from existing proprietary databases, private and public databases such as GEO and tranSMART, and connect with other enterprise systems.

With more than 90 percent of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies engaged in translational research, PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational supports greater collaboration and enables traditional scientists to increase the speed and efficiency of developing drugs tailored to patients’ unique health needs.

“PerkinElmer Signals for Translational helps provide the foundation for new research and development opportunities,” says Christopher Conway, Senior Vice President, Discovery and Development Services at Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (AMRI). “We are integrating the new solution into the cell::explorer instrumentation, a robotic automation platform for our high content screening applications located at AMRI’s integrated drug discovery center in Buffalo, New York. This will significantly enhance our ability to quickly acquire, manage, integrate, and analyze large, complex data sets from the various translational platforms, ultimately accelerating knowledge and information pass-through for better and faster drug discovery.”

PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational provides access to data via a simplified user interface and a data model specifically designed to support translational research through the identification and management of biomarkers. It streamlines the sharing of data between pharmaceutical stakeholders and their partners in biotech, academic and contract research organizations.

“In the past, translational researchers could not intuitively engage with available data, which made searching for and accessing integrated data to identify and characterize biomarkers extremely challenging,” said Karen Madden, President, Informatics at PerkinElmer. “This new translational platform’s ability to enhance collaboration and eliminate silos between research and clinical data represents a significant step toward advancing precision medicine, ensuring optimal pairing between patients and drugs, and achieving better outcomes in human health.”

PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational is delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to help lower cost and provide flexibility and scalability for pharmaceutical IT operations. It is fully integrated with TIBCO Spotfire® self-service analytics software to enable translational scientists to more easily manage and explore the data from acquisition to analysis and visualization. Researchers can also:

• Store structured and unstructured data, including the output from bioinformatics or data scientists’ processing pipelines
• Easily query, extract, identify, and store information for entities, like subjects or samples, that are relevant to translational medicine analysis; and
• Normalize the representation of stored data.