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Pexip® Introduces Infinity Connect

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Pexip® has announced the expansion of its virtualized meeting platform with the release of Pexip Infinity Connect. Infinity Connect is an all-new suite of client software offering customers a simple way to connect to their video meetings.

Pexip Infinity Connect enables users without a UC client or access to videoconferencing to simply connect to a Pexip Infinity Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) using the Infinity Connect installable client on their PC or Web browser of choice. This additional access option further expands and simplifies the use of visual communication for Pexip’s customers.

Pexip Infinity Connect is available as installable client software for Windows®, OS X®, and Linux®. Previously available in WebRTC-enabled browsers such as Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox®, and Opera™, Infinity Connect will also be offered for non-WebRTC browsers including Internet Explorer® and Apple® Safari®.

As a result, users are able to collaborate using assets already at their fingertips. The new Infinity Connect suite delivers the core features users have come to expect, like presentation sharing, roster list, conference controls, add/disconnect participants, etc.

"With a distributed architecture and the option to deploy on-premise or in the cloud, Pexip Infinity becomes the most scalable, cost-efficient software platform for any-to-any conferencing and gateway requirements," said Håkon Dahle, Pexip CTO. "In addition to voice, video, and content-sharing interoperability with Microsoft Lync, WebRTC, H.323, and SIP endpoints, our new software clients extend the reach of visual communications to users without access to videoconferencing endpoints. Now with installable clients for major operating systems, download-free operation with WebRTC browsers, and plug-in-based solutions for non-WebRTC browsers, we are making it possible for virtually anyone to participate in visual meetings."

Pexip Infinity allows meeting organizers to simply send a link to collaborators in order to connect in real time using standard Web browsers. Anyone can interact face-to-face with as little as a camera, a computer, and the desire to collaborate.

Pexip Infinity Connect installable clients for Windows, OS X, and Linux will be available with the release of Infinity version 7 in October. Support for Internet Explorer and Safari will be added later this year.