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Pharmaceutical LIMS Rolls Out at Making Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical LIMS Rolls Out at Making Pharmaceuticals  content piece image
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Autoscribe Informatics will be demonstrating its new Pharmaceutical Manufacturing LIMS at the Making Pharmaceuticals event in October. Visitors can see how Matrix Gemini LIMS helps digitize the manufacturing process from raw material management to final product release, helping to drive quality and meet regulatory requirements. Integrated with other key solutions including stability studies and environmental monitoring, it provides a complete solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Autoscribe’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing LIMS is a pre-configured solution for the highly regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Batch genealogy ensures complete traceability of raw materials through intermediates to final products, including easy access to all analytical testing results. This traceability means that root cause analysis of identified issues is simplified, and Corrective Actions easily raised using the integrated CAPA management module. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing LIMS also manages and integrates staff competency management, instrument calibration and maintenance, product grading and inventory management and use.

Matrix Gemini Stability manages the stability study management process to determine the shelf-life of pharmaceutical products. This fully configurable stability study management system automates the often complex and time-consuming process of defining, creating, and managing all aspects of stability studies from set up to conclusion.

The Matrix Gemini Environmental Monitoring solution provides the solution for sterility testing in manufacturing. Matching defined sampling and testing protocols to identified sampling locations, it allows the tracking of potential contamination at key points in the manufacturing facility. Results can be tracked over time to identify possible trends and linked to the Matrix Gemini CAPA module if required.

Held over two days, Making Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest pharmaceutical conferences in the UK. Free to attend conference sessions are supported by more than 200 exhibitors to cover topics from research to the production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.